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Crack Filling

The “Router and Fill” method

The “Router and Fill” method is the best way to fill cracks in asphalt.  Crack routing is ideal for large cracks and is also a preventative measure for small cracks to stop further separation.

Advantages to ”Router and Fill” Crack Filling:


Cutting open a crack creates a perfectly clean-cut surface on both the side and bottom edges of the crack allowing for ultimate adhesion when crack filler is applied.

crack router


Creating a better reservoir for the crack fill material ensuring the crack is not only sealed across the surface to block out moisture, but also sealed across the walls and bottom of the reservoir prevent further cracking.

routed crack

Expansion and Contraction

Making the crack wider helps the expansion and contraction of the crack.  There is more width or rubber to be stretched allowing the pavement to expand and contract without tearing away or squeezing out material from crack.

 Crack Filling

There are many different situations that require Asphalt Crack Repair. Cracks can be caused by:

  • poor foundation
  • not having a thick enough layer asphalt
  • having too thick a layer of asphalt
  • earth movement
  • heavy vehicles
  • roots from trees
  • the annual freeze-thaw cycle

Other situations requiring Asphalt Crack Repair may include longitudinal, transverse and diagonal cracks, edge cracks, reflective cracks, construction joint cracks, widening cracks, tree root cracks and edge or lane joint cracks.  It is extremely important to repair any asphalt cracks that arise and maintain ongoing maintenance to extend the life of the surface and avoid more costly repairs or premature replacement, which also supported by the sites like You can also click here for more valuable insights. For more information on effective Asphalt Crack Repair, you check out this similar sites at

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